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                                                    Gul Menet Kirmizi – Hatko Marshan Ceka (MFA – DEU)

                                                    Mahmut Tugrul Kirmizi – Marshan Ceka (Dr. Dipl. Ing. - ITU)









Books, Presentations & Related Works for "Digital Design - I" Course



Books & Presentations can also be obtained from:

Eno Muho

Lecturer Assistant at POLIS University, Urban Planner at Co-Plan "Institute for Habitat Development"

[email protected] 



Course Presentations



Dear Students, Please Install "Adobe Creative Suite 5 -  CS5"

(Please use "Mouse Right Click" and "Save As" Option for "PDF Files")


Explore the features of the new Adobe Creative Suite 5!  (Link to Adobe CS5 Learning Center)

Creatina a Detailed Master Plan Rendering in 3DMax and Photoshop (Link to Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 - My Top 5 Favorite Features (YouTube Link)

Adobe Photoshop CS5: Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek (YouTube Link)


GMK - Digital Design - Adobe Photoshop - Tutorial Presentations

Eelements of Design - Color (PDF File) Course Presentation 1

Elements of Design - Light (PDF File) Course Presentation 2

Photoshop Tutorial -  Light Effects (PDF File) Course Presentation 3

Photoshop Tutorial -  Color - 1 (PDF File) Course Presentation 4

Photoshop Toolbox (PDF File) Course Presentation 5

Photoshop Quick Reference (PDF File) Course Presentation 6

Elements of Design Series (PDF File) Course Presentation 7

Styles (PDF File) Course Presentation 8

Photosohop_Tutorial_Effects_1 (PDF File) Course Presentation 9

Photoshop_Tutorial_Effects_2 (PDF File) Course Presentation 10

Photoshop_Tutorial_Sketch_1 PDF File) Course Presentation 11

Ethnic Styles_1 (PDF File) Course Presentation 12

Photoshop_Content_Aware (PDF File) Course Presentation 13

Photoshop_Tutorial_Light_Effects_2 (PDF File) Course Presentation 14

Photoshop_Tutorial_Light_Effects_3 (PDF File) Course Presentation 15

Photoshop_Tutorial_Light_Effects_4 (PDF File) Course Presentation 16

Photoshop_Tutorial_Puppet_Warp (PDF File) Course Presentation 17

Photoshop_Tutorial_Tool_Chart (PDF File) Course Presentation 18

Photoshop_Tutorial_Vanishing_Tool (PDF File) Course Presentation 19

Photoshop_Tutorial_Frame_1 (PDF File) Course Presentation 20

Photoshop_Tutorial_Frame_2 (PDF File)  Course Presentation 21

Photoshop_Tutorial_Grid_Image (PDF File) Course Presentation 23

Photoshop_Tuturial_Light_Effect_5 (PDF File) Course Presentation 24

Photoshop_Tutorial_Metal_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 25

Photoshop_Tutorial_Solar_Explosion_Effect (PDF File) Course Presentation 26

Photoshop_Tutorial_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 27

Photoshop_Tutorial_Water_Color_Effect (PDF File)  Course Presentation 28

Photoshop_Tutorial_Water_Drop (PDF File) Course Presentation 29

Photoshop_Tutorial_Create_Brush (PDF File) Course Presentation 30

Photoshop_Tutorial_Digital_Works (PDF File) Course Presentation 31

Photoshop_Tutorial_Glass_Effect (PDF File) Course Presentation 32

Photoshop_Tutorial_Ice_Effect (PDF File) Course Presentation 33

Photoshop_Tutorial_Pop_Art_Effect (PDF File) Course Presentation 34

Photoshop_Tutorial_Rain_Effect (PDF File) Course Presentation 35

Photoshop_Tutorial_Layer_Mask Course Presentation 36

Photoshop_Tutorial_Merge_Image_1 Course Presentation 37

Photoshop_Tutuorial_Merge_ımage_2 Course Presentation 38

Photoshop_Tutorial_Snow_Effect Course Presentation 39

Photoshop_Tutorial_Text_Plastic_Effect Course Presentation 40

Photoshop_Tutorial_Text_Reflection Course Presentation 41

Photoshop_Tutorial_Text_Wrap (PDF File) Course Presentation 42

Photoshop_Tutorial_Puppet_Warp_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 43

Photoshop_Tutorial_Text_Inside_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 44

Photoshop_Tutorial_Round_Text_3D  (PDF File) Course Presentation 45

Photoshop_Tutorial_Photo_Place_Inside_Your_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 46

Photoshop Tutorial_Fragmented_Tiles_Text PDF File) Course Presentation 47

Photoshop_Tutorial_Create_Digital_Smoke (PDF File) Course Presentation 48

Photoshop_Illustrator_Tutorial_3D_Text (PDF File) Course Presentation 49


GMK - Digital Design - Adobe Illustrator - Tutorial Presentations

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial -  Effects - 1 (Presentation 1)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Effects - 2 (Presentation 2)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Pathfinder (Presentation 3)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - 3D Works 1 (Presentation 4)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - 3d Works - 2 (Presentation 5)

Adobe_Illustrator_Tutorial - Work With Perspective (Presentation 6)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Make Brush (Presentation 7)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial _ Text 1 (Presentation 8)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Text 2 (Presentation 9)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Text Wrapping (Presentation 10)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Background Effect _1 (Presentation 11)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Blending Effect - 1 (Presentation 12)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Create Texture (Presentation 13)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Opacity Mask - 1 (Presentation 14)

Adobe IllustratorTutorial  - Opacity Mask - 2 (Presentation 15)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Pathfinder - 2 (Presentation 16)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Transparent Gradient  (Presentation 17)

Adobe Illustrator - Tutorial Live Trace  (Presentation 18)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Warp -1  (Presentation 19)

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Text Blend (Presentation 20)


Digital Design -  Alex Hogrefe  - Tutorial Presentations

Alex Hogrefe *** Architecture Graphics *** Tutorials ***


Lumion® 3.1.1 Free - Render Basics

(Lumion® Free is not for commercial use or any other potential source of income.)

Download Lumion® 3.1.1 Free

Lumion 3D Tutorials - *** 35 Tutorials ***






ERNST NEUFERT - Architects' Data (52.6 Mb - PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Design Manual - US Army Corps of Engineers (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Enhancing Architectural Drawings and Models with Photoshop (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Elements of Design - Home Lighting (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Digital Architectural Design as Exploration of Computable Functions (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Family Scenarios (PDF File) (From Eno Muho)

Link to Download Adobe PDF Reader



Books Selected as Course Material



Ching, Francis, Interior Design Illustrated,

Corqudate, Charles, The History of Interior Decoration.

Weale, Croake & Weat, Environmental Interiors.

Hoyt, Charles, Interior Spaces Designed.

Neufert, Ernst & Peter, Architects’ Data, Third Edition, E-Book.



Related Links



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Explore the features of the new Adobe Creative Suite 5!  (Link to Adobe CS5 Learning Center)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 - My Top 5 Favorite Features (YouTube Link)

Adobe Photoshop CS5: Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek (YouTube Link)


Tutorials - Scott Onstott  -  Books

Digital Interior Design *** Images***

Top 100 Architecture Blogs

Color Wheel ***   Definitions   ***

Color Wheels ***   Images   ***

Basic color schemes   ***   Introduction to Color Theory   ***

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application - Free Download

SketchUp Tutorial for Interior Designers

Interior Decorating Tips

Interior Design - Google 3D İmages

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Works - Alberto Pinto

PART 1 - An Introduction to Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting Design ***  PART 2 - General Design Methods

Stage Lighting Design   ***   PART 3 - Applied Design Methods

Stage Lighting CAD – Theatre Lighting Symbols – DWG


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