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URD – 591

Computer Aided Design:

Two Hours Lecture, Two Credit Hours

Instructor:  Dr. Mahmut Tuğrul KIRMIZI


I.  PREREQUISTS:                 





Kirmizi, T., “AUTOCAD – I”, Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Arhitecture, MİMF - DN – 02 – 03, March 2003  AUTOCAD-I.pdf




Kirmizi, T., “İntroduction to Computers, Web Design and Presentations”, Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Architecture, MİMF - DN – 01 – 2002, October 2002. BILGISAYARA-GIRIS.pdf


Please download above given files by  "Mouse Right Click & Save As" Command.



Handouts will also be given to students on weekly basis



None specific. (Updated Web sources will be used)




The objective of the course is to enable the students of planning to make use of personal computers for their professional needs. After a short but brief introduction on the system, hardware and software, some basic concepts and terminology, the emphasis is given to hands-on teaching. As the student goes into the above mentioned hands-on training and works through the on-line tutorials, he will be exposed to the advanced aspects of computing. The coverage is detailed enough to give him a good hands-on understanding of computing methods for planning.



IV. COURSE OUTLINE:                      



WEEK 1,2,3,

Introduction to CAD-CAM and as a concept.


WEEK 4,5,6,7,8          

Learning CAD-CAM principles and basic aspects while designing.



Basic commands, advanced commands, interactive relations between different program packages, simplified CAD-CAM database structures, modeling and imaging in 3D.


Mid – Term Examination.


WEEK 10,11,12,13

Programming & Customising



Mid – Term Examination.


V. GRADING:              

Two Mid Term examinations will be averaged and affect the grade by 50 %. Final exam will be the 50 % of the resulting grade.




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